Ad Guidelines

Guidelines For Transferring Advertising Material

Download Guidelines for Material (pdf)

All material to Aikakausmedia ADS’s online service must be delivered in PDF file format. The portal is quick, secure and cost-effective.

In order to ensure that material is produced as intended, partners (repro, ad agency, media agency and print house) can follow the material process in real-time through Aikakausmedia ADS’s online portal. All errors are reported automatically.

Register as a user via Aikakausmedia ADS’s website: -> Aikakausmedia ADS

Additional information:

Material sent in PDF format to Aikakausmedia ADS’s online service is free of charge.

You can also send your PDF material to: (Antiikki & Design) (Auto Bild) (Blue Wings) (GTi) (Hifimaailma) (Koti ja keittiö) (Pelit) (V8-Magazine)

Archived data

Material submitted to Aikakausmedia ADS is stored for 12 months from date of receipt. Fokus Media Finland requires that all material be submitted in PDF file format (Portable Document Format) through Aikakausmedia ADS’s online service ( The service is free of charge. Resubmission of material is billed according to the valid price list.

More information regarding production can be found from the Aikakausmedia ADS website.

PDF production guidelines

1. Programs supported

QuarkXPress, Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign.

2. Document size, crop marks and bleed 

Please set crop marks to given trim-size corners and allow for a 5 mm bleed to each side of the page.

Text or logos cannot be placed closer than 10 mm to the trim-size edge of the publication size.  So that crucial information is not trimmed off during binding, adhesive bound magazines must also take into account the impact of the spine on text crossing the spread (normal 6 + 6 mm).

Material submitted as a back cover must allow for a possible address box.

3. Color settings

It is recommended that all colors are specified as CMYK process colors. PMS colors may yield a different result when converted to the CMYK 4-color process.  To maintain photo integrity during heat-set printing, please use the following values for rich black: 100% black, 50% cyan, 40% magenta, and 30% yellow.

4. Fonts

Fokus Media Finland supports Adobe Type 1 fonts in Macintosh format. When you create PostScript/PDF-material, embed all available fonts. EPS files should have the fonts converted to outline.

Please do not use TrueType fonts. Please avoid Multiple Master (MM) fonts as RIP software may not be able to support these fonts.

5. Image resolution

Photo resolution is 300 dpi.

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